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Important Notes

  • Please be aware of wire fraud issues and refer to the Wire Fraud Notice and call us if you suspect any strange activity.  Wire_Fraud_Warning_TXR_2517.pdf
  • If your property is going to be vacant, please discuss a vacancy clause with your insurance company.  Many times insurance companies will not cover damages under a policy if the home has been left vacant for varying periods of time.  
  • DO NOT turn off utilities.  The contract with the buyer specifically states that you leave utilities on.
  • Review the smart device section of the new contract, this change went into effect 4/1/21.  When delivering passwords, etc. to the buyer please change your password to one that you do not use regularly so that there is no chance of them getting into any other accounts.  
  • If you are leaving televisions, make sure to sign out and delete passwords to all smart TV sources such as Netflix, Amazon, Disney+.  

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