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MAY 2022

(remember anytime you are using a canva template that is not already yours - you MUST copy it first, name it, and then revise it.)

  • Your database should be in your CRM - Sierra Interactive & tagged.  (need personal tags, email Katie C.)
  • Your database with addresses should be set up in the Homebeat system. (AUTOMATIC & COMING FROM CONTRIBUTION) I can help you transfer your contact from Sierra to this system (small group).  (ask Katie C. to email csv of sierra database)
  • Your database should have gotten a 2022 contact card text making sure they have your information and saying hi, or I've moved brokerages, or I've become a Realtor, Etc.  - AT THIS TIME:  HAPPY ALMOST SUMMER...
  • Your database should have gotten your Hello Friends letter mailed to them.  (template in canva)
  • You should be adding or have added everyone you know to your social media and you should be sharing the posts or posting on your own daily.  (there is a blog post that can be shared from your link M-F)
  • You should have had a one on one with Katie Lee and have your marketing pieces set up.
  • HOLD OPEN HOUSES: OPEN HOUSE SUCCESS PLAN - Use Open House Sign Plan, QR Code signs PRINTED, Mail Invitations, Knock Doors with QR Code Postcard, Use Your Sign In Sheet, Follow OH Protocol after the open house. 
  • You should have your database set up on the monthly drip campagin. (1st of every month email) This can be done in bulk (small group). THIS IS A BULK ACTION - 5 MIN TASK
  • You may have your database set up on an action plan if you are new to HSHG.  (7TH, 14TH, 21ST)
  • You should have your leads set up on action plans.
  • You could have attended meetings & small group
  • Knock Doors - You don't have to really knock. You should have your knock flyer template set up. Print & Go. 
  • You Should Be Time Blocking Work Hours DAILY. What hours are you working and what are those tasks? If you need help, try using a traditional book calendar or a system like TRELLO. 
  • You SHOULD BE attending training on any topics that you feel you need more information about.  If you are NEW you need to be attending CE classes on our mandatory list.  HSHG_MANDATORY_TRAINING.pdf
  • Have you attended small group sessions to go over any details you may be having trouble with and finalize your Sierra and Homebeat systems?  
  • You should be sharing HSHG Charity posts.  THIS QUARTER'S CHARITY LINK HERE
  • NEW PROJECTS:  WELCOME HOME SIGN & THANK YOU CARD REVIEWS CARD (this can be added to the Thank You card that Marketing sends and will direct them to YOUR fb page to leave a review)
  • Do you want to farm your neighborhood?  Reach out to leadership about ways to farm.  
  • Did you order school calendar magnets for 2022-2023 school year?

Please Reach Out To Katie, Rachel, Cathy, Michelle, or Katie Lee if you have any questions.