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  • The FIRST STEP in the home buying process is getting pre approved.  
  • The Financing Contingency Starts on The Effective Date of the Contract (page 8) and goes for the length of days quoted on page 2 of the financing addendum. (typically 14-21 days)
  • TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!  If your lender asks you for additional documentation, please get it to them promptly.  Not doing so will put you in jeopardy of running out of your financing contingency time and put your earnest money at risk if you don’t get final approval.  
  • Please DO NOT finance anything during the lending process.  This could effect your financing approval.  
  • ARE YOU BUYING A NEW CONSTRUCTION HOME?  If so, make sure the builder and title company give you the total tax estimations and not just the estimations on land only for tax escrow.  
  • If you have questions about your estimated closing costs or your estimated monthly payment….please call your lender directly.  
  • When you are packing at your current home, please do not pack any important financial or tax documents.  The lender may ask for them during escrow.  
  • WIRE FRAUD IS A REAL THREAT during the escrow period.  You will not be asked via email or phone to wire money.  We will set up your wires via an outgoing call to the title company (YOU CALL THEM) or at closing.  
  • Mortgage fraud is the deliberate act of lying or omitting information that may be used by the mortgage underwriter or lender to fund.  This would include: lying about income, assets or employment.  This is serious offense and can be punishable by fines & jail.  Please take this seriously and double check the information you relay to the lender for accurancy.  



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