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ACTION REQUIRED- It's time to choose a Home Warranty to prepare for your closing. Please see the information below:

Home Warranty Companies

Look through these options and plans to help choose the right home warranty for your new home. Be sure to do your research to choose a plan and options for coverage that best suit your new home's features such as pool, refrigerator, washer/dryer, etc. 

Once you choose a provider and plan, please advise me of your choice and I will happily place the order for you in preparation for your closing. I will also notify the title company so they can properly account for the order at closing.

Please keep in mind that if the seller is reimbursing you up to a certain amount for the home warranty, any plan or option you choose over the negotiated amount will be your responsibility at closing.

Choice Home Warranty
Call Mauri with Questions: 832-732-3152
Email Mauri: [email protected]

Fidelity Home Warranty
Call Amy with Questions: 713-208-2635
Email Amy:  [email protected]
Click Here for Detailed Plan Information

Old Republic Home Warranty
Call Mary with Questions: 832-884-2418
Email Mary: [email protected]

** You can choose any home warranty provider. You are not obligated to choose from our list.**

** Google is a great tool to find other options and providers.**