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  1. Make sure you have the open house set up in the mls/har and advertised on social media.
  2. You could mail the neighborhood an open house invitation if you have time.
  3. Make sure you have printed your open house postcards (both versions):
  4. Print the QR code sign in sheet that is sent to you the week before and ensure your open house content page is correct.  The QR code sign in sheet looks like THIS.  It will get emailed from Katie Lee the day prior.  
  5. Dress professional and make sure you have researched the property:  Examples:  school district, sq ft size, tax rate, price, etc. 
  6. Print manual sign in sheets and have them layed out with pens. 
  7. Get to the open house early enough to walk about 20 homes and get the house ready if needed:  Open Blinds, Turn on Lights, Light music, Candle if needed, and put up anything that may have been left out.  
  8. Make sure you take not of any pets in the home and do not let them out.  Sometimes cats are left and they can be sneaky. 
  9. Pass out 20 of the invitation postcards on doors prior to your open house. THESE POSTCARDS
  10. Make sure you have your OPEN HOUSE SIGNS and qr code signs and set out for the open house along with directional signs (plan on 5-10) from major roads.  
  11. Please remember to put the key from the supra in a secure place, make sure to keep doors closed as to not let out any cats that may be there, and turn off lights & lock up when you leave.  
  12. Greet you guests and hand out your open house guest postcard.  THESE POSTCARDS Prepare to answer their questions and talk with them about what their real estate needs may be.  Do not steer them to other properties but if it is clear this was not an option for them you can advise on additional options in the market.  
  13. Prepare the Open House Listing Agent Survey and send to them before you leave the open house.  Sellers and listing agents are anxious to get feedback.  
  14. Make sure all of your guests are added to your sierra CRM and you send them the open house action plan AND STAY IN TOUCH WITH THEM.  Send them your HAR app, you contact card, a thank you note if you can find their address.  Set them up on an auto search in matrix for homes similar to the one you held open.  Send them local builder deals.  Set them up to recieve a homebeat if they already own a home.  (spread these out over the coming weeks)
  15. Did you have neighbors come through your open house?  Send them a THANK YOU CARD.  
  16. Remember once you have taken responsibility for holding an open house it is your job to get it covered if anything comes up.  We cannot have last minute cancellations, as it could upset our sellers.  

Good luck this weekend.