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Sometimes we close on a transaction with our buyers and our commission is less than expected and/or a BTSA listed in the mls is ignored.  In those cases it can be confusing to figure out who to call to get some assistance in working through those resolutions. I wanted to put this page together to give local Realtors the protocol we followed with success:

1.  We let HAR know about the offered commission being inaccurate.  HAR is unable to help secure the commission in question but it is important to report the mls inaccuracies.  

2.  We let TREC know about the issue by filing a complaint, however, TREC does not facilitate commission disputes. 

3.  BINGO - we filed a complaint via Texas Realtors at THIS LINK.  In this case we filed for an Ombudsman resolution.  

In our case we had a resolution within a week and are very thankful that our association stood behind us and helped enforce the rules and ethics of this type of situation.