What is the Tex-A-Plex?

We all know the State of Texas is huge, most people DO NOT know about "The Texas Triangle" aka the TEX-A-PLEX!

The triangular region framed in by the cities of Austin, Dallas–Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio is experiencing a wave of growth of historic proportions. In 2020, the population of the Texas Triangle reached nearly 21 million. The Texas Triangle contains five of the 20 largest cities in the U.S., and is home to more than 70% of all Texans in the City of Dallas, City of Fort Worth, City of Austin, City of Houston, and City of San Antonio.

Fun Fact! Did you know...

  • The Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) is bigger than all of Manhattan
  • The The University of Texas at Austin is the third largest land owner in the United States
  • San Antonio is bigger than New York City and Detroit combined
  • Houston has a bigger population than Colorado and 34 other states
  • Four of the Top 10 SMSA's (metro statistical areas for US Census Dept.) are found in Texas.
  • Texas is the largest exporter of goods in the United States
  • Dallas is home to the fourth most BILLIONAIRES in the world
  • Houston has more than 5,000 energy related firms and is the energy capital of the world
  • The Texas Medical Center is the largest in the world, located in Houston
  • 25% of ALL retail space in the United States is in Texas
  • Austin is the live music capital of the world playing host to South By Southwest, Austin City Limits, and The Moody Theater 
  • There are 12 professional sports teams in the Tex-A-Plex

The Texas economy is on fire, with Dallas leading the growth by far.The state added 650,100 new jobs last year – more jobs than any other state and twice the number of new jobs compared to its historical average.
That's over 50,000 jobs a month or 2,000 new jobs per day, every day for an entire year. What else is helping the Texas economy boom? No state income tax!

The Tex-a-Plex is home to over 50 Fortune 500 companies and has more Fortune 1000 companies than any other state. At 2.4 TRILLION, Texas is ranked as the 9th largest economy among nations of the world by GDP, ahead of Canada, South Korea, Russia, and Australia!

You can further your education in the great state of Texas at any one of the 159 universities and colleges - including 6 medical shcools,  in order to prepare yourself for a successful and prosperous career. 
Texas A&M University has an enrollment of 77,491 in Fall of 2023, making it the largest student body in the United States! There are also plans for the student body to expand to over 100,000 students in the coming years. 

We serve Montgomery County - home to The Woodlands, Conroe, Magnolia, Montgomery, Willis, and more. It  is one of the fastest growing counties in the USA, growing 3-4% PER YEAR! Reach out to a Home Sweet Home Group Pro about how to find out what makes Texas so special to them and when you're ready to make a move, we'd love to be the ones who guide you! 

Ready to make a move to Texas?

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