Renters Rights In Texas

Renter's Rights In Texas

Covid Rental Programs & Rental Assistance

The most important source of information about your relationship with your landlord is your rental agreement, whether it is written or oral. 

Here are some links to assist to help you if you find yourself having issues with your lease:

Information From The Texas Attorney General 

Information About Covid & Rentals From The Texas Association of Realtors

Montgomery County Texas Covid Assistance 

Harris County Covid & Rental Resource Center

Fair Housing Information

Texas Eviciton Moratorium Information

Please seek legal counsel as needed.  

Its also worth noting that the Texas Real Estate Commission does not want Realtors involved in rental transactions past the execution of the lease unless they are also the property manager so when it comes to problems with your landlord or problems with your tenant....unless your Realtor and broker are in a property management contract with the landlord, it become pretty impossible for us to intervene.  Even property managers can only assist up to a certain point and then legal advice is required.

If you ever find yourself looking to purchase a home, we are here to help.   A home is typically one of the best and biggest investments you will make in your life.

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