Memorial Day Must-Try Cocktail

Memorial Day Blueberry Mojito :

Cool off this weekend with sweet blueberries, tart limes, and a refreshing splash of rum! Cheers Ya'll!


- 1 cup fresh blueberries

- 4 ounces of rum

-10 fresh mint leaves

-2 teaspoons of white sugar

- Juice of 2 limes

-6 ounces of club soda

- Ice Cubes

To Make:

1. Blend or muddle blueberries until smooth. Set aside.

2. Use muddler or wooden spoon to blend in mint leaves & sugar.

3. Stir in rum, lime juice & blueberry mixture.

4.Pour into glasses over club soda & ice.

5. Garnish with extra blueberries, lime & mint! ENJOY!!

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