Common Lawn Care Mistakes

Summer is made for the outdoors. When the weather turns warm, the backyard becomes the central focus for family fun. After a long, cold winter, homeowners around the country turn their attention to their lawn. Yet, these weekend warriors could be sabotaging their lawn by making these 5 common mistakes.

1. Overwatering – Watering is vital for a healthy lawn, but overwatering can prevent that lush green homeowners seek. Instead of frequent light watering, aim for more infrequent waterings for a longer, deeper soak. This allows the moisture to penetrate deep down to the roots.

2. Over mowing – Cutting the grass too short weakens the root. Every type of grass has different requirements, consult a local gardening center to understand the needs of your lawn. Avoid cutting more than a third of the grass blade height in a single mowing session.

3. Ignoring Soil Health – Regular soil care ensures a strong foundation for your lawn. Test for the proper pH level and any nutrient deficiencies. Use fertilizers throughout the growing season and consider an aeration rotation for better water absorption.

4. Neglecting Weed Control – Weeds and other pests can damage lawns quickly and make it difficult to recover. Implement a regular weed and pest control program. Be careful using pesticides around pets and children. Watch that you do not overuse pesticides as that can deprive the lawn of essential nutrients.

5. Forgetting to Feed Properly – In addition to soil health, the lawn itself needs regular feeding. Choose a fertilizer based on the type of grass and environment, then create a regular cadence for use.

Ensure a healthy and vibrant lawn all summer long by avoiding a few common mistakes homeowners make each yea

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