Hurricane Season Starts Today

Today marks the start of the 2022 Hurricane Season that runs through the end of November, so it's the perfect time to brush up on what you need to do to stay prepared. 

1. Know where to sign up for local emergency notifications

Having the most up to date information on a storm is key when it comes to hurricanes. Sign up for local and county alerts and know the local radio stations that can keep you updated. You can find links to sign up for notifications here.

2. Make a plan and build an emergency supply kit

An emergency supply kit can give you peace of mind, that no matter the circumstances, your family is prepared. A proper kit should include food, water, flashlights, batteries, medication, and first aid supplies. Other items to consider would be a generator and fuel, battery operated radio,  and a power bank to charge your cell phone (maybe consider solar). Depending on your household you may need some extra supplies like pet food, diapers, or formula. Find a more exhaustive list of emergency kit supplies here.

3. Review the Southeast Texas Hurricane Preparedness Guide

Read up and be prepared, the guide can be found here.

4. Avoid scams during the aftermath of a storm

Whenever a quick dollar can be had, scammers will be there, this includes after a storm. The Federal Trade Commission offers free advice on how to avoid storm scammers here.

Thanks to The Woodlands Township's "Talk of the Township" newsletter for the great information! See the full article here for links to more great resources. Sign up for the Talk of the Township Newsletter here. Visit the Township Emergency Resource Page here

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