Real Estate 2020 vs. 2021 - WOW

To say that right now is a great time to sell a home is an understatement.  If you are a buyer you will need an experienced Realtor on your side who knows how to structure the contract in your favor.  If you are a seller, you will want an experienced Realtor who knows what to look for in the offer to maximize your proceeds and limit your stress.  At the Home Sweet Home Group, we are out pounding the pavement for our clients in the neighborhoods they are looking in an effort to find inventory and educate our communities.  

The bottom line is that sellers are getting a premium for homes right now and homes going on the market are selling in about 1 week or less depending on the area and neighborhood.  

Would you like more information?  Reach out to your Home Sweet Home Group pro today for a call or appointment this week.  If you are worried about covid, we can set up a zoom meeting.  

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