Future Development for The Woodlands

The Woodlands is quickly approaching its 50th birthday next year and with that comes talk of the next 15-25 years for the Township. With over half of the board members being recently replaced, new ideas are in the works. Economic growth is a top priority for the board of directors and as such, the Ad Hoc Economic Development Committee has been reformed after their 2020 disbandment. 

The committee wants to make The Woodlands a tourist destination and increase both hotel and retail revenue as to lessen the dependance on property taxes for tax revenue. This goal will be accomplished by an 80,000 sq ft mall expansion to include on site hotels as well as more retail, dining, and entertainment space reminiscent of Market Street. 

Also on the committee’s radar is the development of a fine arts center near the Cynthia Mitchell Woods Pavilion as well as the revitalization of the Village Centers suffering from low occupancy. 

All this and more will continue to be major topics of discussion over the next couple of years. To get the full details on these potential projects check out the article in the Community Impact HERE

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