Christmas Traditions

If you’re still looking for the perfect Christmas tradition here a few that you may want to start with your family this year! 

  1. Christmas morning breakfast - it’s hard to top the excitement of Christmas morning but the last thing you need is hangry kiddos. Why not have an easy, fun breakfast ready to go! Our top picks are crock pot monkey bread and pigs in a blanket! 
  2. Ready to open a gift early? Why not wrap your Christmas pajamas and a book to open on Christmas Eve? Then your kids can change into their pajamas and have a new book for bedtime! 
  3. Teach your kids about the joys of giving by having them donate some of their old toys. Hand each kid a trash bag or “Santa sack” and have them fill it with old toys, books, etc. to be donated to those in need to make room for their new gifts. 
  4. Want to make thank you notes more fun? Have a thank you note party! Everyone gathers at the table, you have treats like cookies and hot chocolate, play a Christmas movie or music, and everyone knocks out their thank you notes! 
  5. Send that pesky elf off in style! HERE are a few departure ideas for your elf so you can begin the long process of forgetting what a pain it is until next year!

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