Picking a brokerage is a HUGE decision when you are newly licensed AND when you are a local pro with years of experience behind you.  There are many different real estate models in our market.  Sometimes it takes some moving around to find the model that fits your particular personality and needs.  Brokers and leadership can be extremely hands on at some places and you may never meet the broker and have very little support at other places, with a massive amount of grey area in the middle.  We lean on the side of being pretty involved to assist and coach you along the way.  

When you become a Realtor, you are starting your own business.  Starting your own business is a big decision.  We do our best to train our agents on how to set up the business including: marketing, management, taxes, time blocking, systems, training, checklists, etc.  We also use several systems that put some of these things on auto-drive for you. 

Here is what The Home Sweet Home Group Provides:

  • Competitive Commission Split
  • No Monthly Fees
  • No Transaction Fees
  • Transaction Coordination Assistant
  • Listing Assistant -MLS
  • Marketing/Agent Assistant
  • Broker Provided Website (sierra interactive)
  • Broker Provided CRM (sierra interactive)
  • Broker Provided Dot Loop & Backagent for templates, electronic signing, and transaction compliance
  • No Transaction Minimums
  • Broker Provided Marketing Items
  • Broker Provided Systems & Documents For Ease of Transactions
  • Broker Provided Action Plans & Drip Campaigns (sierra interactive )
  • Broker Created Content Pages For Sharing
  • Marketing Management
  • Broker Provided Listing Presentation
  • Marketing Templates
  • Free Canva Account
  • Free Email Account
  • Free Email Signature
  • Broker Provided Headshots and Photoshoots As Needed (typically annually)
  • No Competition From Broker
  • Broker Provided Leads 
  • Social Media Management
  • Teamwork Environment
  • Free Coaching & Planning
  • Full Access to Trainer & Broker & Assistant Broker 
  • Multiple MLS Memberships (currently HAR, College Station, and Austin)
  • Preferred Contractor Link to Share
  • Broker Provided Signs (sign boss)
  • Broker Provided Supra Boxes
  • FB Group for Constant Collaboration & Questions

We are a very family-friendly group with amazing teamwork, collaberation, and comradery.  We love to sell houses and we love to have fun doing it.  If we can finish our work in time to meet for happy hour, throw in a fun game, or gather around some queso....you can bet we will.  

We would love to hear from you, especially if you like queso and a good happy hour.  LOL 

We suggest watching this video if you are new to the business:  https://youtu.be/3dBueZCXAII

We also suggest you follow these folks on You Tube:  Tom Ferry, Brian Buffini, Ben Kinney  They have great videos that give a good perspective on the daily life of a Realtor. 

Inman Select Article About What To Expect From Your Brokerage/Leader in 2022: BROKERAGE_LEADERSHIP_IN_2022.pdf

Thinking About A Career In Real Estate Or A New Brokerage?

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