Hair Tutorial & 2018 Real Estate Market Thoughts…

Bare with me, I’m not a hair stylist or a You Tube star.  LOL

I have been ask SO MANY times about how I do my hair when I wear it curly and I promised those folks I would do a hair tutorial…so hear it is.  Little did I know until I watched the video that I missed a big piece in the back, LOL.  

I use the Bed Head Wave Artist, Redkin Heat Setting Spray, Hair Spray, and some type of oil such as biosilk.  


I decided to take this opportunity to update you all on my thoughts about the real estate market going into 2018.  

1.  Lots of Great Builder Inventory and Deals…call us for more info.  These deals span from the Kingwood Area, Through Central Montgomery County and over to Cypress/Katy.  Lets Talk

2.  We have a great lender contact for those of you thinking about building a custom home and using your equity in a current home to get the process started without having to sell it and move into temp housing while you build.  

3.  We know many companies bringing in jobs to the area in 2018 but the largest move to our knowledge will be about 1200 families coming from DFW with Exxon.  I believe that will cause a late Spring to End of Summer inventory issue.  Thinking about selling during that move?  LETS TALK NOW.

4.  Interest Rates will gradually rise under a typical Republican administration under normal market conditions and good economy.  Your buying power decreases as interest rates rise.  Therefore, if you thinking about moving….the sooner the better.  


-Hurricane Harvey Flooding will also likely cause a movement in the market this year.  People will want to move to higher and dryer areas.  Your high and dry properties will be desirable.  Lets talk about home value and getting them sold. 

-If you purchased a home in 2017, please make sure you get your homestead document filled out and sent in this month. Here is a link to Montgomery & Harris County forms:

Montgomery County

Harris County


As always….THANK YOU for your continued support, referrals, and business.  How can we help you with your goals in 2018?  

Katie & Rachel